Head of Platform/Director of Platform Engineering   Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2020
Ran Imgur’s platform team of 15 frontend, backend, and full-stack engineers. Promoted and grew managers within the team. Hired talent from around the world. In charge of delivering software to different teams in the company and our consumers. Worked directly with leadership to align on how engineering can best serve the company. Worked with engineers and managers to build a positive and productive working environment for the engineering team.
Engineering Manager/Senior Engineering Manager   Sep. 2015 - Nov. 2018
Managed execution of projects such as Snacks, personalized notifications, site redesigns, backend migrations, revenue initiatives, and community tools. Led a team of senior full-stack engineers following agile processes. Interviewed and hired for interns, juniors, and mid-level engineers. Led execution of platform migrations from PHP to Go. Mentored engineers to help them find their passions and grow their careers.
Full-stack Engineer   Mar. 2013 - Sep. 2015
Worked on planning, execution, and leading of various projects including: image analytics, search, gifv, notifications, A/B testing frameworks, APIs, video processing pipelines, event pipelines, and followers. Architected these systems to scale to hundreds of millions of monthly users and billions of daily events.


Sofware Engineer   September 2010 - March 2013
Developed and maintained OCLC’s full text search engine written in C. Migrated data from Oracle to HBase using MapReduce tools and techniques. Implemented MapReduce jobs, and tools to monitor such jobs.

Tech Corps Ohio

Lead Job Coach   July 2010 - August 2010
Instructed and mentored inner-city high school students who aspire to become technology leaders.

Technical skills

Javascript, Node, PHP, Go, Firebase, React DOM, React Native, Redux, Expo.io, Material-UI, MySQL, Redis, Varnish, Elasticsearch, AWS, Agile, Product Development/Design.


Dance Tonight

Dance Tonight

Find dance classes near you.


Spanish pronunciation made easy

Snapshot S3 Util

Hack for exporting HBase snapshots in and out of S3

HBase backup tool

Utility to backup and restore HBase tables at OCLC.
Written before HBase snapshots were available


A game/simulator concept.
Written in C++ using OpenGL, and BulletPhysics
Video demo


Play against another person or against the computer