Lead Full Stack Engineer   March 2013 - Present
The amount of experience I've picked up at Imgur is astounding. I've contributed to practically every part of the stack working with technologies including Varnish, HAProxy, Nginx, PHP, Memcache, Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Flume, Kafka, MapReduce, Hadoop, and HBase, EC2, S3.
I've lead the planning and execution of various projects such as image analytics, search, gifv, notifications, A/B testing frameworks, API, video processing pipelines, event pipelines, followers, etc.
I've worked closely with desktop, mobile web, Android, and iOS clients to design new and RESTful APIs.
I've also architected notifications, image analytics, video processing, stream processing, and various other systems to scale to hundreds of millions monthly users, and I created Imgur's image analytics data pipeline which supported over 5B daily events and processed them for offline and real-time access.
Engineering manager   September 2015 - February 2017
I've also managed Imgur's small team of highly-motivated engineers. I worked with the engineers to help find their passions, mentor, and help solve engineering problems. I worked closely with high level executives to meet deadlines and company goals. Interviewed several engineering candidates, reviewed resumes. Was in charge of successful execution of backend projects while being a contributor.


Sofware Engineer   September 2010 - March 2013
I worked on OCLC's full text search engine, written in C, that powers all of its products. I added new features, fixed bugs, and provided production support. Then I worked on a migration project to move OCLC away from Oracle and into HBase. I implemented MapReduce jobs, and created tools to monitor and manage our Hadoop stack. We open-sourced some of those tools.

Tech Corps Ohio

Lead Job Coach   July 2010 - August 2010
I was an instructor at a summer program for inner city high school students who aspire to become technology leaders.


Golang, PHP, Java, Varnish, Nginx, HBase, HDFS, Hadoop, MapReduce, Linux, AWS, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, VLC, HAProxy, Flume, EC2, S3, Kafka, Javascript, React, HTML, CSS

Previous Projects


Learn to pronunciate Spanish the easy way

Snapshot S3 Util

Hack for exporting HBase snapshots in and out of S3

HBase backup tool

Utility to backup and restore HBase tables at OCLC.
Written before HBase snapshots were available


Github - Video
A game/simulator concept I attempted during college days.
Written in C++ using OpenGL, and BulletPhysics


Play against another person or against your computer